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About Us and Our Management Services

Pilgrim Parking is one of the largest, privately held parking companies in New England. Based in Boston for nearly half a century, we provide our clients and customers with a complete range of operations, planning and design services. We manage, lease, and own some of the newest and largest parking facilities in the region. Pilgrim Parking's general scope of business includes Management of Public and Private Parking, Operations Planning and Functional Design Consultation, Acquisition and Development of Parking Facilities, Owner Representation and Renovation of Parking Facilities.

See our corporate brochure for more information.

About Pilgrim Parking

Public & Private Parking Management

Pilgrim Parking’s core operating business is the management and leasing of parking facilities. At both garages and surface lots, we provide superior operations and asset management services for all types of parking, including event, valet and assisted parking.

Renovation of Parking Facilities

Pilgrim can devise and implement a comprehensive renovation program for your parking facility, including design specification, permitting, community meetings, phasing logistics, consultation with engineers and architects, bid specification, contractor supervision and oversight.

Owner Representation

We represent facility owners in the supervision of management, and will evaluate ongoing parking operations through revenue audits, staff optimization, cost controls, security, market and parking demand analysis; as well as evaluate facility conditions, systems, security, and revenue and access control methods and equipment.

Operations Planning/Functional Design

We provide planning and consultation services including complete operating plans, budgeting and financial feasibility studies, business development and marketing, traffic and parking layouts, sign programs, revenue and access control systems and all other garage and building systems and equipment.

Acquisition & Development of Parking Facilities

We are always interested in purchasing, participating in the purchase of, or developing parking facilities. We use many of the capabilities described earlier to assess the financial feasibility of an existing asset, having also developed both lots and garages.

Our corporate brochure provides more details on all of the aspects of our corporate capabilities.